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Our executives have a substantial track record in both public and private companies for delivering technology-driven, water infrastructure solutions to residential, commercial, agricultural and municipal customers. Some of our executives also work at either Water Intelligence plc (WI) or American Leak Detection (ALD), sister companies of IntelliDitch.  As a result, in delivering for our customers, our executives can draw on people and financial and marketing resources from these companies; companies that span 46 states of the US, Canada, Australia and the UK and generate approximately $150 million of sales.

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Kenneth Suazo

Ken is a co-founder of IntelliDitch and serves as its Chief Technology Officer. Ken is the principal architect of IntelliDitch's High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) water and stormwater system. He has to his credit 12 US Patents. Ken has substantial experience in manufacturing and product delivery. Ken holds a BSCE from New Mexico State University.


John Lynn

John Lynn is Executive Vice-President at American Leak Detection for the Northeast and Western Regions. He also serves as Chief Marketing Officer of ALD’s subsidiary IntelliDitch™. John grew up in the central valley of California and involved in the state’s agribusiness. Such experience has given John an appreciation for the value proposition of the Group’s IntelliDitch technology.


Prior to his current position, John launched and grew the Seattle franchise of American Leak Detection into a multimillion-dollar operation providing precision leak detection and remediation solutions for residential, property management, agricultural and municipal customers. John is a graduate of Fresno State University.


Maria E. Montoya

Maria is a co-founder of IntelliDitch and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. She is responsible for all aspects of the business from customer success to the development of new market opportunities. As a specialist in western water issues, she has led policy development for the use of water in the American West. Maria is also currently the principal investigator for the Zaanheh Project, which is mapping the historical geography of Shanghai in an effort to help the city prepare for major problems associated with climate change.  Maria holds a BA, MA and PhD from Yale University where she specialized in Environmental History and History of the American West.


Daniel McDonald

Daniel currently serves as Executive Vice-President for Innovation at Water Intelligence (WI), the public company affiliate of IntelliDitch. He also serves as non-executive Chairman of IntelliDitch’s board where his focus is to support IntelliDitch’s product roadmap with new technologies. Daniel has spent his career on new product development and market launch strategies, shepherding innovation from cradle to maturity. 


Most recently, Daniel delivered “PulseTM”, a revolutionary sewer diagnostic technology product for WI and American Leak Detection  (ALD), IntelliDitch’s affiliate. Pulse uses advanced acoustics and analysis to detect the location of pipe blockages and deformations in one-tenth the time of a borescope camera.  Daniel received his B.S. in Management Science & Engineering, and his M.S. in Materials Science & Engineering from Stanford University. The opportunity to deliver technology that solves pressing customer problems, when and how they need it, is why he gets up every morning.


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